Rename of recurring files

Beside the paper, which you collect with your scanner, you get a lot of documents in a digital way, like bills or payrolls.

These documents, I would name recurring. They appear on a regular base in my infolder. But in the most cases, these documents do not follow my own defined filename format. I want the format as YYYY-MM-DD – author – description

So the first task would be, to create an easy and repeatable way, to rename these files automatically.
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Paperless Office – next steps

For years, I try to implement the Paperless Office. So far with moderate success.
The question that I read lately quite often is: Why should you set up a papierlosese office?

Now I’m not self-employed, my employer sends me next to nothing on paper, but I would like to quickly and easily access my documents. No matter where I happen to be.

This second sentence „matter where I happen to be“ is my drive and my equally corrupt.
In almost any blog or book, we read how great it works with Evernote. Evernote is certainly a great program, the functions can be almost nothing to be desired. But for me there is a very, very big catch: the data are in the cloud. This is at least for me a no-go.

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